The New Cambridge Community Center

Plans are underway for 9750 square foot multi-function municipal building consisting of a Community meeting room with a capacity of 200, city hall, and a new public library as well as courtyard space.  This project will occupy a lot on Water Street that has been vacant for over 15 years. 

  • TO DONATE: The Cambridge Community Center Fund has been created for anyone who would like to donate. The fund by the Story County Community Foundation. Checks should be made payable to the Story County Community Foundation and mailed to PO Box 1666, Ames, IA 50010. Include a note that it is for the Cambridge fund.
  • The project will increase the size of the existing library by 25 to 30 percent allowing for additional technology space.  This will provide additional high speed internet access for residents of Cam-bridge as well as rural residents of Story County. 
  • The City Hall portion of the building will provide approximately the same space as the current location and will have adequate records storage space.  For public meetings with large participation, meetings can be held in the larger community room.
  • The Community Center area will be large enough to host wedding receptions and with room dividers and it will be small enough for showers or reunions.  Rental fees will provide income to maintain the building and make the mortgage more manageable.  This building will also serve as the voting location for the city.

How will the Community Building be funded?

  • This $1.9 Million dollar project will be funded through grants, and donations will be sought from local residents and businesses.
  • The City is also re-questing $60,000 from Story County Urban Renewal funds.
  • Naming recognition opportunities will also be available for various areas within the building.  Detailed information will be available soon.  Currently, opportunities exist within the library for the Media Center area, the Children’s area, the Adult area and the overall Library itself.  Other areas include the kitchen, mechanical room, stage, outdoor patio and the two com-munity room locations.

Concept Drawing


  • City Hall = 918 sq ft
  • Library = 1,273 sq ft
  • Community Center areas = 6,000 sq ft  total
  • Kitchen area
  • Courtyard = 3,124 sq ft
  • Common areas = 1,559 sq ft
  • Handicap Accessible Restrooms