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The City of Cambridge works to provide services that enhance the quality of life, foster growth, enhance communications and ensure the safety of residents in a fiscally responsible manner.

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Cambridge City Council Election Nov. 7

Six Candidates Running for Two Seats on Cambridge City Council

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Candidates (in alphabetical order) share their reasons for running for council:

Kylie Constant, 617 Race St.

Years in Cambridge: 1 year

Work: Administrative Assistant for the Iowa Court of Appeals

Skills: Communication, Organization, Time management, Computer knowledge, Active listener


Why do I want to run for City Council?

     I am newer to Cambridge and my husband and I have a young family. I want to get involved and help our community continue to grow and be a wholesome place to raise our family.


     I want to continue to see Cambridge flourish and bethe best little town it can be. My family has been in Cambridge for one year now and it is a dream come true.  We love this town. I can't say I know a lot about this community yet. I do continue to learn through chatting with neighbors and meeting new people that is why I want to get involved with the City Council. I wish to meet the people of Cambridge, to listen to your needs, and to be an advocate for the community. I don't have a big vision for Cambridge at this time, but I would love the chance to grow in our community and develop a vision together.


Jayna Grauerholz, 411 Sycamore St.,

Cambridge resident for 6 years, and attorney with extensive knowledge in public procurement, contracts, disability, civil rights, and compliance.


Currently, I am a government contracts consultant and am an expert in public procurement/purchasing. I have written, reviewed, and awarded multiple public procurements; and written and negotiated a wide variety of contracts; all of which has resulted in millions of dollars of responsible spending. Many contracts I’ve created have been utilized statewide by multiple public agencies.  I have managed contracts from beginning to end, providing experience in every aspect of the process.


Well thought out contracts save taxpayers hard-earned money and hold contractors and service providers accountable to citizens, which is extremely important for Cambridge. Creating contracts that include enforceable protections prevent taxpayers from being responsible for thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees, repairs, or upcharges.


I understand the growth and success of Cambridge comes from the opportunities provided to citizens and not at their expense or through overreach. I believe elected officials report to the people and the decision-making process for Cambridge needs to be transparent and always available to the people for whom it serves. 


My objectives:

  • Fiscal Responsibility (smart contracting & spending)

  • Transparency (providing access and engagement)

  • Strong support for local organizations, Fire Department, and Library

  • Growth and Infrastructure (help expand local business and prepare for community growth)

  •  Regular pay increases to city workers to maintain the best staff

  • Modernize payment systems (optional auto draft for utility bills)

  • Community Minded – We are all neighbors– I am against excessive late fees and making decisions without exploring impacts on citizens

  • Listen to the will of voters.


Elect me and I will help citizens save money, receive great services, and prevent Cambridge from being taken advantage of by those that only care about their own bottom line.

Dave Knight, 105 4th St.

Moved to Cambridge in February 2017.

Experience:  Retired from the Polk County Sheriff’s office in April 2014 at the rank of Captain.

• I worked as the liaison for sheriff’s office and the cities it contracted with.

• Assisted with the budget process with the patrol division and jail division.

Assistant Public Works Director, City of Cambridge –Retired in 2023

• Water

• Snow removal

• Sewer

• Derecho cleanup

I decided to run for city council for the following reasons:

  • Public service is important to me.

  • I want to help Cambridge continue to be an attractive place to live.

  • Many small towns in Iowa are not faring well and end up in a spiral of

decline. It’s important to me that Cambridge not become one of those towns.


Daniel (Dan) Mortensen, 148 W. 4th St. 

- Resident of Cambridge: 20 years 

- Account manager at Doll Distributing

- Good at organizing the needs of different customers and my ability to listen to what they would like to do


I am running for city council again (served 8 years prior) to help our community in any way possible. I grew up in a small town and I understand there must be a balance between maintaining that sense of community and growing at a reasonable rate.

Michael Peterson, 316 W. 4th St.


I've been an actual resident of Cambridge five years though associated since age18 when I began dating my wife, who grew up here. This has provided me with long term interest in this community. I am a retired toolmaker.  Naming a few other experiences, I've been a machinist, a mechanic, a veteran per U.S. Navy and National Guard. I feel the best resources Cambridge has to offer are the fire department, the library, the churches as well as the citizens. I would like to see the town build upon these to create a friendly welcoming environment for those that already reside here as well as newcomers. I want to be a voice to represent the interests of the people of Cambridge. A large percentage of the population consists of senior citizens and I would like to be a representative for their particular needs.  The number of school age individuals has been increasing. We need to increase enforcement of safety issues to protect them. I believe all utilized ordinances should be equitably enforced. City government should include full disclosure of issues the council is addressing as well as the options and solutions. This includes fiscal ramifications. 

4Michael Peterson_edited.jpg

Michelle Winscott, 110 S. River St.

I moved to Cambridge in November 1985.  It's a close-knit community and a great place to live. The school system is one of the best. My two children went to Ballard schools which prepared them for the self-sufficient lives they live now. I’m happy to be here. 


I currently serve as co-chairperson on Cambridge Planning and Zoning committee. Serving on the committee has given me a lot of insight on how I can be of service in other areas. Since retiring from the State of Iowa in 2018, my time is abundant to help when and where I’m needed.


My experience in customer service, event management, deciphering Iowa Code, procurement, accounting/taxes, writing, and communication could all be used to help the city and its citizens. 


I'm running because I see so many opportunities for Cambridge. I'd like to see sustainable growth and capitalize on business opportunities. It’s time for our town to have its best while we live our best here.


I'd like to see more involvement between community members. My neighbors are wonderful people and I'd like to have a way for folks to gather for food and music in the park, a farmers’ market or other events.


Our downtown is being underutilized. If you go to other small towns they have stores, cafes and antiques shops and we don't have that here. 


I'm running because I want to work with the citizens of Cambridge to improve our downtown area, make our parks more family oriented, expand Fireman's Days, promote the Heart of Iowa Trail and capitalize on all our resources. 


Cambridge is at a crossroads and we, as citizens, need to work together to keep our small town atmosphere. At the same time we need to promote our great location, amenities, resources and be proactive about planning our future.


Cambridge City Council meetings are held

the second Monday of the month

at 7 p.m. in the Cambridge City Center

Contact Information

P.O. Box 216

225 Water St.

Cambridge, IA 50046

​Tel: 515-220-4541​

City Hall Hours:

Monday:        8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Tuesday:        8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Wednesday   8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Thursday:      7 a.m. - p.m.

Friday:            8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Saturday:       Closed

Sunday:         Closed

City of Cambridge 

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